FCB’s Orange County Office Trims Staff Again

SANTA ANA, CALIF. – Some six months after layoffs took 10% of its employee roster, Foote, Cone & Belding here cut another 15 employees from its ranks.
The move brings to just under 200 the number of staffers for FCB/Orange County, including 25-30 sales and service personnel located in the agency’s field offices for its largest client, Mazda Motor of America.
The layoffs, which reached across all departments and up into the middle management ranks, also involved the elimination of certain positions at the agency. ‘It’s a matter of looking within the trying to find new and more efficient ways to conduct business,’ said Bill Hagelstein, executive vp/gm at FCB’s Orange County office.
The earlier cut, which came just after the first of the year, was made to bring the office’s operations in line with Mazda as it downsized and shifted its marketing dollars. Hagelstein said there have not been any further cutbacks at Mazda, but his agency’s most recent moves are related to the original management changes at the client.
Since Mazda made those changes, Hagelstein said the agency has had a chance to observe the way the new client organization interfaces with its own. ‘It’s pretty difficult to hit the nail on the head when you don’t know how business is going to be conducted,’ Hagelstein said. ‘It was prudent to pear back another 15 positions.’
In some areas FCB has eliminated the account director job, a function that reported to the management director. A position called associate media director, located between the media director and the group media director on the agency’s organization chart, was also eliminated.
As of June, Mazda’s car sales slid 5.8% for the year to 123,980 units, according to The Power Report.
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