FCB Unveils Sega’s Dreamcast

Special Effects-Laden $100 Mil. Effort Follows Teaser Campaign
SAN FRANCISCO –Foote, Cone & Belding takes gamers “inside the box” with a new campaign promoting the $100 million launch of Sega of America’s Dreamcast video game console.
“FCB has helped us bring together the essence of Sega, both past and present,” said Peter Moore, senior vice president for Sega of America, Redwood City, Calif. “Defiant, fearless … and passionate define the Sega brand difference.”
Three 30-second TV spots from the San Francisco agency break today, following a print and TV teaser campaign for Dreamcast that ran earlier this summer and was targeted primarily toward hard-core gamers.
The new installments carry the same tag, “It’s thinking,” a reference to the new product’s ability to “learn” how a gamer plays and respond to those actions, making the games more challenging with each play.
The spots, using animation from Pacific Data Images, all open with an overhead shot of the Dreamcast console. The viewer is then sucked inside the box, where a large red brain gives commands to Sega game characters.
The ads provide glimpses of countless Sega characters, living in a multilevel world based on Dreamcast’s swirl logo, where everyone from zombies to famous athletes interact.
In addition to the new work, FCB has revised a 60-second TV spot from the teaser campaign into a 90-second “minifilm” version. The ad features a beautiful female spy who steals the Dreamcast console from a high-security laboratory, but is foiled by the quick-thinking machine.