FCB Takes Quirky Tack in New Spots for Chase

The click of an ATM card slot, toast and a pickle are plot devices in a new TV campaign for JPMorgan Chase from Foote, Cone & Belding that bows tonight during Ev erybody Loves Raymond.

While the tagline, “The right relationship is every thing,” remains, three 30-second spots focus less on the retail bank’s pro ducts and more on how Chase has improved the customer experience.

In one spot, a couple is standing in the rain outside a Chase branch. The woman praises the bank’s service, and then claims using the ATM card slot sounds like a kiss.

Another spot shows branch executives munching on toast as one tells the others how she advised a customer on select banking and switched his service. In a twist on the traditional story of banks giving toasters to new customers, this thankful consu mer gave the bank a toaster.

A third commercial shows a man lamenting to his wife his behavior in a lunch meeting with a Chase employee. “It’s not like we’re buddies,” he says. “He’s my banker.” It turns out that he felt so com fort able during the session that he just leaned over and ate the banker’s pickle.

FCB vice chairman Charlie Taney said that because research showed consu mer dissatisfaction with retail bank ing industrywide, “the new cam paign was an opportunity to differentiate Chase in a positive way.”

The work will run in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Texas—states where Chase branches are concentrated.

Chase’s evp, regional banking Hal Pote said the creative is based on research conducted by the Zyman Marketing Group, an At lanta con sultancy led by former Coca-Cola marketing chief Sergio Zyman. “Consumers really want to connect emotionally with their financial institution,” Pote said.

The client declined to discuss the budget. Overall, Chase spent $50 million on ads in 2001, according to CMR.