FCB Is In The Soup

There aren’t very many clients who will sign off on a TV spot in which a person urinates onto their product.
But Foote, Cone & Belding in New York has found one: Daily Soup, the niche chain of lunch providers beloved by soup gourmands in the New York area.
The agency’s first work for the client (shown here) features a hen-pecked husband attempting to enjoy one of the client’s 600 varieties of soup at home. In the background, his Noo Yawk-y wife complains about him to a friend on the telephone.
Ordered to tend to their crying infant, the husband is in the midst of changing diapers when the baby boy, lying on his back, dispatches a neat arc of No. 1 right into the soup carton.
Before the husband can do anything, the oblivious wife–still welded to the phone–picks up the soup to give it a taste.
The scene fades as we hear the husband say, “Ah, honey ” The tagline: “Every day’s an adventure.”
The 30-second spot will run on April Fool’s Day during Comedy Central’s offbeat, off-color, off-the-wall South Park. –Rob Lenihan