FCB Extends Slates Campaign

New Batch of Print Profiles Again Anchored by Avedon Photos
SAN FRANCISCO–Slates are back.
The popular clothing brand and Levi’s offshoot will be plugged in a second round of national print advertising this spring.
Four two-page spread ads, created by FCB Worldwide’s San Francisco office, continue the direction begun last fall of profiling successful young men wearing Slates clothes.
Slates ad manager Sara Wong said the success of last year’s campaign prompted the company to push the clothes again this spring.
“The expansion of the Slates line, and the first round of the ad campaign, were so well received by consumers and our retail partners that we were encouraged to do a whole new set of profiles,” Wong said. “We felt this approach would be just as fresh and interesting to our audience as it proved to be last season.”
Profiled in the ads are Max Kellerman, a onetime cable access show host who now works for ESPN2, and Eric Coles, who owns a company that discovers and produces urban music. Also profiled are William Shin, who started the Chicago Asian American film showcase, and archeologist Rick Montoya.
“I’ve been with [Slates] since it was just pants,” said Jeff Iorillo, an FCB creative director. “This season they have pushed their product line even further. … They’re really cool clothes.”
As with the earlier campaign, photography for these new ads was done by renowned shooter Richard Avedon.
Iorillo said the new ads look fresher because they profile a more diverse group of men but stick to a “consistent look and feel.”
Ads will break in Esquire, Details, GQ, Men’s Health and other men’s magazines next month.
The first series of ads came out last fall to introduce Slates’ line of outerwear, shirts and sweaters. The idea was to show “real guys with real stories” instead of stone-faced models, Iorillo said at the time.