FCB Crafts Regional NHL Ads for Fox Sports Net

Foote, Cone & Belding has launched a regionally tailored campaign for Fox Sports Net to promote the client’s National Hockey League coverage.
Brian Bacino, creative director at the San Francisco agency, steered the development of six humorous 30-second TV spots that will air on Fox Sports Net and other select cable channels throughout the NHL season. The work is designed to showcase specific local players and teams, as the client is airing regional games in myriad markets.
“We’re doing something unique,” said Kurt Schneider, vice president of marketing for Fox Sports Net. “We’re showing home-team games in home-team markets. [The campaign] proves our authenticity to the home-team fans by getting them excited about their team, and we are also trying to get fringe fans out there interested in hockey.”
The first spot launched early last week, featuring a dentist thanking Colorado Avalanche center Peter Forsberg for the “out-of-town referrals”–players he’s crunched in the rink–that have made him rich. Another shows a putt-putt employee complaining about Carolina Hurricanes center Keith Primeau, who’s been destroying his course. “That slap shot of his may work for him on the ice,” says the kid, “but around here that guy’s becoming a big liability.”
An upcoming spot features a priest telling of a goalie who, when he was a child, enjoyed having his teeth knocked out during a game of dodge ball and laughed “a Satan laugh.”
Separately, the agency has also unveiled a TV spot for Teledyne Water Pik introducing the company’s new spa-inspired showerhead.