FCB Bugs Out

Advertising work pays pretty well, and puts even junior level execs behind the wheel of some pretty nice rides.

Which makes one wonder how SUV-driving employee will respond to FCB’s latest in-house recognition program—which is called VIP, for vision, integrity and passion.

Nominees for the employee who best covers those qualities will be eligible to win, for one month, the use of an FCB Blue Volkswagen Beetle, gas and service included. Winners also get free parking at a garage near FCB’s Erie Street headquarters.

The idea started at FCB San Francisco, but Chicago developed its own criteria for winners, who will be chosen by FCB president Brian Williams and managing director Dana Anderson.

The Beetle’s a nice little car, but some winners no doubt will be getting the keys for something quite a bit less substantial than what they normally drive.

“We liked the personality of the Beetle,” said Kate Temple of the agency’s human resources department. “That car says something about creativity that works.”

So, perhaps, does a Mercedes Benz, but who’s to quibble.