FCB Breaks Offbeat Levi’s Spots

Foote, Cone & Belding’s new corporate image campaign for Levi Strauss & Co. weaves a series of oddly connected stories in TV spots breaking today. The commercials feature the tagline “Levi’s. They go on.” Some will appear in sequence during a single TV program.
One ad from the San Francisco shop features a group of senior citizens in a trendy nightclub, with one man contemplating a condom machine. In another, a young disc jockey is discovered in a cowboy bar spinning funk music. In the follow-up spot, he ends up playing music for the senior citizens. Musician Lenny Kravitz and actor Quentin Crisp make cameo appearances.
While the characters in the ads wear Levi’s, there is no obvious heralding of the brand. “The spots will intrigue viewers and make them wonder how the story will continue,” said Steve Goldstein, Levi’s vice president of consumer marketing and research.