FCB, AT&T Talk Family

Foote, Cone & Belding promotes AT&T Wireless Services’ “Family Plan” with an estimated $150 million campaign that broke last week.
The national effort, tagged “Talk all you want. You’re family,” includes TV, print, radio and online executions.
Three 30-second TV spots showcase a busy family of five that uses the AT&T calling plan to stay connected. The plan allows up to five family members to make unlimited wireless calls to each other’s cell phones and landline home phone.
The family in the spots features two working parents, a teenage son and daughter and a younger boy.
“We’re trying to reach a pretty upscale bunch,” said Greg Sieck, senior vice president and group management supervisor at FCB, San Francisco. “It’s the busy moms and dads who are already heavy cell phone users, and who think, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if our whole family were like this?'”
A consistent theme throughout the spots is how the youngest son, Billy, always gets dumped on somehow by his brother Kyle.
In one execution, the mother calls her husband at work to complain that Kyle hasn’t done his chores. The father calls Kyle on his cell phone to remind him of the work. Kyle then calls his sister and lies, saying their parents are mad at her. Disgusted, she calls Billy and informs him he’s supposed to do the chores. The spot closes with a sullen Billy taking the family dog for a walk.