FCB Airs Its Latest Coors Work

Coors Brewing is moving to harmonize its ad approach this year with creative depictions of “real people” and the product quality as “frost-brewed Rocky Mountain refreshment,” sources said.
Sources contrasted Coors approach with No. 1 brewer Anheuser-Busch, which has gone with heritage, freshness, animal and other campaigns that may not seem to have much in common. Last year, Coors Light mixed such themes as “Tap the Rockies” and “Frost brewed.”
Chicago-based Foote, Cone & Belding’s new spots for Coors Light, aired at a national wholesalers meeting last week, include some more sentimental spots in addition to more ads featuring its well-received “beer vendor” characters. For Original Coors, FCB in San Francisco has all but dropped “The last real beer” tagline, replacing it with “There’s only one mile-high taste” in most ads.
Several Coors wholesalers said the agencies had marshalled a strong overall creative effort, while muting some of Original Coors’ cowboy imagery that has not always played as well in Eastern markets.
In one Coors Lite spot, an off-duty cop waits at a bar with his friends to find out how his son did on the police academy exam. In another, a Russian basketball player learns the American style in an urban pickup game.
Original Coors is targeting young males. In one spot, buddies pool their change to fill the tank of their out- of-gas pickup truck, but are distracted by the Original Coors on sale at the gas station. The last shot shows them pushing the truck, with a six-pack perched on top.
Last year, Coors spent $120 million advertising both brands, per Competitive Media Reporting.