Favorite and Least-Favorite News Personalities

Who’s America’s favorite news personality? Bill O’Reilly. And who’s America’s second-least-favorite news personality? Bill O’Reilly. A new Harris Poll presented respondents with a list of news/current-affairs media stars and asked them to pick their three favorites and three least-favorites. Twenty-three percent included O’Reilly among their faves, putting him atop that list, ahead of runners-up Charles Gibson and Anderson Cooper (17 percent apiece). As for the least-faves list, Rush Limbaugh (who’d scored 12 percent in the faves voting) was in a class by himself, picked by 42 percent of respondents. O’Reilly was the runner-up here, at 23 percent. Three other people scored in double digits on both the favorite and least-favorite lists: Katie Couric (13 percent favorite, 16 percent least-favorite), Barbara Walters (12 percent favorite, 15 percent least-favorite), and Sean Hannity (11 percent favorite, 10 percent least-favorite). Among Republicans, the highest favorable vote went to O’Reilly (42 percent) and the highest unfavorable vote to Couric and Larry King (26 percent apiece). One surprise: Limbaugh ranked third among Republicans