Fattal & Collins: Here Goes ‘Nothing’

Glendale Federal Bank touts its competitive business loans in a new campaign from Fattal & Collins.
The campaign’s first ads take a Seinfeld-like approach, aiming to grab the attention of business owners by talking about “nothing.” “We do it in a way that is direct, minimal and unmistakable,” said Russ Collins, principal of the Marina del Rey, Calif., agency.
The campaign is backed by $3 million in media spending, including print, outdoor and collateral ads running throughout California.
Outdoor teaser ads began appearing last week. Each teaser includes the word “nothing” in the text: “Nothing matters,” “You’re good for nothing,” and so on.
Beginning next week, the teasers will be replaced by ads outlining Glendale Federal’s business loans, currently offered at the prime rate with no application fees.
“We don’t need to tell [businesspeople] how great the offer is,” Collins said. “They will know it if we can just get their eyeballs for a second.”
Senior vice president/creative director Scott Bremner led the agency’s creative effort on the campaign. Bremner joined the shop in January after leaving his post as design director at Team One Advertising in El Segundo, Calif.
Associate creative director Tom Mescall, art director Greg Clancy and copywriter Helen Choorem were also part of the Glendale Federal campaign’s creative team.