Father Knows Best in LendingTree Spot

BOSTON Mullen’s TV spot for LendingTree promotes the importance of finding the right real estate agent.

A 30-second spot, for the Charlotte, N.C. client was created by the Wenham, Mass. Interpublic shop. It broke this morning on NBC’s Today show and will later appear on MSNBC, The History Channel and VH1.

Entitled “Father/Son,” the commercial features a young man and his father sitting on a typically Southern front porch. When the son explains he is about to buy a house, the father asks if he needs help with the down payment, and the son answers he can handle it on his own. “Okay, just make sure you get a good real estate agent,” the father says.

A loud rumble interrupts, and an airplane is shown barely clearing the house as it takes off. A voiceover says, “Want to find the right real estate agent for you? Come to LendingTree.com. We’ll personally match you with a certified real estate agent, provide home listings, even a thousand-dollar gift card at LendingTree.com.”

The spot, which employs no tag, is supported by a radio campaign. More TV spots are planned for later in the year, according to copywriter Ted Jendrysik.

Assisting Jendrysik were art director Toygar Bazarkaya and producer Zeke Bowman.

Earlier ads promoted LendingTree’s mortgage services, home equity loans and phone service. The tag: “When banks compete, you win.”

The company spent more than $30 million on ads in 2002, per CMR.