Fatburger Aiming at Big Guys

Regional fast-food chain Fatburger takes aim at national rivals in its first corporate TV commercial.
The 30-second spot, from Lawrence, Mayo & Ponder, Newport Beach, Calif., shows a man examining a plain-looking burger and a Power Ranger-type figurine. He finally opts for the toy, squirting ketchup on it before, presumably, eating it.
A voiceover explains that the big chains’ burgers are just about as good as their toys, but that Fatburger’s are cooked to order.
The spot, targeting 18-34-year-olds, with a slight male skew, broke last week in Los Angeles and will air evenings through year’s end on Headline News, TNT, ESPN2 and Fox Sports West 2, said LM&P principal Lynda Lawrence.
A 30-second radio spot takes aim at the big chains’ advertising, mocking such icons as the Taco Bell Chihuahua and Jack in the Box’s “old Ping Pong ball head” fictitious CEO.
Fatburger, Santa Monica, Calif., has grown from 18 to 34 units in the four years since LM&P won the account, Lawrence said.