Bam! Smash! Crash!

That’s what happens when you’re ready to move a little faster than the snail pace of your garage door opener. In a humorous 15-second spot by Marshall and Henry of Dallas for the Genie Excelerator, a series of cars burst through slowly opening garage doors.

The spot began airing late last month on national cable andnetwork television.

Marshall and Henry has been fashioning ads in a similar vein for Dallas-based Overhead Door Corp. since partners Marshall Twinam and Henry Popp founded their agency three years ago.

The latest ad is described as a”sustaining effort” for the fast-acting door opener, which was introduced last year.

“We focused in that campaign on what a difference sevenseconds can make between two people climbing the corporate ladder,” Popp said. “One guy, John, gets to work early, climbs the ladder, while the other guy, Jim, ends up working for him. In the 15-second version, it goes even faster: Jim ends up licking John’s boots.”