Fare Enough

It came in a black envelope, addressed in silver ink.
Inside was a pre-printed note addressed, “Dear cab driver,” attached–with a
safety pin–to a $5 bill.
“I spent Thursday Dec. 3 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Deutsch Holiday Party,” the note explained. “At the party, there were cocktails, dinner and dancing, which if you are reading this, I clearly enjoyed.
“Please drive me home to ,” the note continued, leaving space for an address, “and subtract your fare from the attached money. Keep the change for a tip, as I appreciate your kindness. Even though I will never remember it.”
The out-of-the-box invite was the brainchild of two staffers at the New York shop: associate creative director Cheryl Van Ooyen and art director Michael Seymour.
More than 700 invitations were mailed three weeks ago. As of last week, the response had already exceeded the size of the venue– so much so that Deutsch was forced to find a larger space, in Chelsea.
–Andrew McMains