What’s a computer geek to do when his favorite show is canceled? Take some hi-tech action!

That’s what David Simerly, a programmer at Apple Computer, Cupertino, Calif., chose to do. While searching Web message boards for fellow aficio nados of his favorite, recently axed show, Far scape, he came across a suggestion that disgruntled fans create a commercial for the Sci-Fi Channel program.

“I had a digital camcorder and a Mac and Final Cut Pro editing software, so I had all the equipment to put the video together,” he said.

The Internet-spawned “Save Farscape” movement organized rallies to save the show, which is about an American astronaut stranded on a spaceship with escaped alien prisoners. Simerly went to two rallies in California and filmed fans espousing their love for the show.

The result: a 30-second spot that can be viewed at www.savefar scape.com.

The ad’s purpose, said Sim erly, is “not only to show new people that Far scape is pretty cool, but to show advertisers that we are an intelligent, affluent audience.”

Simerly hopes another network will pick up the series or that Sci Fi will reconsider.

The commercial was placed on cable stations in selected cities across the U.S. through a media broker in San Francisco. It will run through Dec. 1.