Fanta Marketing Chief: We Can Grow the Category

Headshot of Adweek Staff

In 2008, when Coca-Cola’s flagship soda brand fell 2.5 percent in volume and Pepsi’s eponymous cola dropped 6.5 percent, Fanta’s modest 1 percent drop can be spun as a win, if one subscribes to the current bromide that “flat is the new up.” While those numbers, courtesy of Beverage Digest, show a stagnation, they omit the fact that Fanta wasn’t really available in the U.S. prior to 2001. Since then, the brand has made inroads with U.S. Hispanics, though Santiago Blanco, vp of Sprite and flavors for Coca-Cola North America, says Fanta has a lot of mainstream appeal as well. Blanco discussed how Fanta addresses both audiences with Brandweek editor Todd Wasserman. Below are some excerpts.