Like an ATM on steroids, an oversized, camera-equipped TV monitor has been asking fans sports-related questions at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. (Sample query: “What would bea proper mascot for the Lakers?”)

The 13-foot-high kiosk is Fox SportsNet’s Viewers Voice Box. For the past few months, it has been capturing the wit and wisdom of passersby. The best of the lot finds its way into on-air promos for Fox.

“We created this opportunity in order to tie fans into the promotion,” said Bill Bergofin, the regional cable network’s vice president of marketing.

So far, the VVB is strictly an L.A. phenomenon (another unit is slated for Dodgers Stadium). Plans call for it to go national with questions tailored for specific teams.

Although much of the material ends up on the cutting-room floor, Bergofin said they keep “everything that creates an interesting and compelling promo.”

Predictably, some fans are serious while others try to yuck it up. Bergofin also recalls a man who just stood there “blankly confused.”

To date, five spots have been created utilizing the footage.

“We use answers from the serious to the sublime,” Bergofin said.