Fans Star in Concept Farm’s ESPN Ads

NEW YORK The Concept Farm has proclaimed June through September “The Season of the Fan” in honor of ESPN’s 25th anniversary celebration, which will include an ad campaign and special programming and events.

The independent New York agency launched a 30-second teaser spot on May 9 that pictures individual fans in various settings to the tune of Queen’s rock anthem, “We Are the Champions.” An onscreen super says the “season” begins June 8.

In addition, the agency produced almost 200 different spots featuring fans from all across the country stating their names, hometowns and the sports team they are passionate about.

Other spots show fans telling stories that illustrate their level of fanaticism. In one ad, two women in New York Jets jerseys tell the interviewer how they had the driveway of their home redone with the green letters J-E-T-S embedded into the pavement. In another, a man shows off the 1966 Cadillac hearse that has been customized as a Chicago Bears tailgating vehicle for pre-game festivities.

A boy of about 10 in another spot describes why it’s important to believe in your favorite team and why you must shout and scream to urge it to victory.

The print portion of the campaign breaks in June magazines next week showing outline images of sports stars that incorporate small photographs of fans. One ad presents Venus and Serena Williams holding tennis trophies. The headline, “Two sisters. One very large extended family,” refers to sports fans. The ESPN 25 logo appears in the corner of each ad, along with the words “The Season of the Fan.”

Each day from May 25 through Sept. 7, a unique spot will air featuring a fan or fans, said ESPN rep Alison Lazar.

Media spending for the campaign is about $5 million, sources said. Lazar declined to comment on spending.