Fanning Out

A high-heeled shoe and a tongue-in-cheek tone help tout the appeal of Westinghouse ceiling fans in a new ad from Gillespie.

The ad, for Philadelphia-based Angelo Brothers Co., which manufactures and distributes the fans under license from Westinghouse Electric Corp., is part of a new campaign that re cently broke in May issues of various publications.

The ad shows a woman sitting near an image of a fan. At the top, copy reads, “Tell him the electrician did it and buy new shoes with the money.” An image of the shoe appears underneath; the text notes that Westinghouse’s patented InstaLoc Technology can help folks install ceiling fans by themselves, without an electrician’s aid.

A trade ad in the campaign shows a group of fans, all alight, hovering in the air. “Consumers are so drawn to it, it flies off the shelf,” copy reads.

The consumer ad, said Marcy Samet, evp at the Princeton, N.J., shop, uses a simple tack to differentiate itself from traditional, more product-dominated ads in the category. “We really wanted to break through with the lifestyle type of ad,” she said.

Ads retain the tag, “You can be sure … if it’s Westinghouse.” The effort is running in Southern Living and HFN, among others.