Family Photos: The Advertising and Media Edition

Considering the changes in advertising and media in the last three-and-a-half decades, it is comforting to know that some familiar names will be with us for generations to come. Here, Adweek presents some of the industry’s boldface names along with their progeny who’ve assumed the mantle from mom and dad.


Bill Koenigsberg and John Koenigsberg




Bill Koenigsberg
CEO, Horizon Media
John Koenigsberg
Media supervisor, Razorfish
If you’re a client, chances are you do business with at least one Koenigsberg. “It was very important to me from the very beginning that John blaze his own trail and be his own person,” says Bill. “I’m jealous that I don’t have him here!”

Photographed in New York by Nigel Parry.



Mary Baglivo and John Meguerian


Mary Baglivo
CMO, Northwestern University; former CEO, Americas, Saatchi & Saatchi
John Meguerian
Brand and interaction planning associate, Rosetta
This is a rare instance of mom following in her child’s footsteps (John is a Northwestern grad). Mary wants her son to remember that “no matter how compelling the work is, your kid’s concert or class project is much more so.”

Photographed in New York by Nigel Parry.


James R. Heekin III and James R. Heekin IV


James (Jim) R. Heekin III
Global chairman and CEO, Grey Group
James (Jim) R. Heekin IV
Head writer, The Climate Reality Project
The third generation of Heekins in advertising, the younger Jim started out in music before becoming an adman at Grey, then Crispin Porter + Bogusky. What was it like to work for dad? While the elder Jim “was busy acquiring global entities, I was busy making flash banner ads.”

Photographed at the Heekin family home in Stamford, Conn., by Jeremy Goldberg.


Hugh Hefner and Cooper Hefner

Hugh Hefner
Founder, Playboy
Cooper Hefner
Host, Playboy Radio
The publishing empire that spawned a thousand centerfolds appears to be in good hands. Says Cooper: “As I’ve matured, I’ve gained a better understanding of the impact my father and the brand have had on our social and sexual values. I feel privileged to be in a position where I can be a part of the team that continues his legacy.” Adds his legendary pop: “I couldn’t be more proud.”

Photographed at the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, by Jeremy Goldberg.


Ron Berger, Cory Berger (l.), Ryan Berger

Ron Berger
Former executive chairman, North America, Euro RSCG
Cory Berger (l.)
Managing director, Pereira & O’Dell
Ryan Berger
Founder, Berger Shop
Both Berger sons were inspired by their father’s entrepreneurial drive and his determination, as the founder of Advertising Week, to make the business attractive to young people. Growing up watching commercial shoots proved an irresistible draw. Says dad: “Everything Ryan and Cory learned about advertising before 2000, they learned from me—everything I’ve learned since 2000, I learned from them.”

Photographed at the Berger family home in Bridgehampton, N.Y., by Jeremy Goldberg.


Steve Doocy and Peter Doocy


Steve Doocy
Co-Host, Fox News Channel
Peter Doocy
Correspondent, Fox News Channel
Peter: “When I first started reporting, my dad told me about all the rookie mistakes he made, which was really helpful because in a way he made them for both of us. He also told me early on to take the news seriously but not to take myself too seriously.”
Steve: Peter has “a bright future, and really good hair. The hair part is starting to bug me.”

Photographed in New York by Nigel Parry.


Bob Kuperman and Jason Kuperman


Bob Kuperman
Former president and CEO, Americas, TBWA
Jason Kuperman
Vice president, Asia Pacific, India, Middle East and Africa, Omnicom Digital
At the age of 9, Jason was already hanging around his dad’s office, drawing Alka-Seltzer storyboards. With no parental pressure to go into the family business, he pursued architecture, working for Frank Gehry. When he did decide to change careers, he says his dad advised him to go into media. “I hesitate to say what Jason would still have to learn other than how to get out of it in one piece,” says Bob.

Photographed at Jason Kuperman’s home in Singapore, by Darren Soh.


Richard C. Wald and Jonathan Wald


Richard C. Wald
Professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism; former president, NBC News, and managing editor, The New York Herald Tribune
Jonathan Wald
Executive producer, CNN’s Piers Morgan Live
Jonathan says the most valuable lesson he learned from watching his dad in his many years in broadcast and print journalism: If you ever find yourself wondering what to do, call someone who would understand and tell them the problem. “You don’t have to listen to their advice—the mere act of explaining it to them will lead you to the right answer. Works every time,” he says.

Photographed in New York by Nigel Parry.


John Adams and Cliff Adams


John Adams
Chairman, CEO, The Martin Agency
Cliff Adams
Senior strategic planner, The Martin Agency
Cliff will have a hard time outdistancing his dad at Martin, given that he has worked there since Nixon’s second term. John describes advertising as a “marathon of sprints. And periodically, you’ve got to take a break and breathe a while. And you need to call your mother once a week.”

Photographed in New York by Nigel Parry.


Benjamin C. Bradlee, Sally Quinn and Quinn Bradlee


Benjamin C. Bradlee, vice president at large, former executive editor, The Washington Post; Sally Quinn, author, journalist; Quinn Bradlee, author, filmmaker, founder of the website Friends of Quinn
Ben and Sally, the boldest of boldface names in media, have covered and made friends (and enemies) of anybody who ever had any power in Washington, D.C. But presidents, senators and society types aren’t the most impressive people they’ve come across. “Quinn is the most resilient person I’ve ever known,” says his mother. “You can’t keep him down.”

Photographed at the Bradlee home, Grey Gardens, East Hampton, N.Y., by Jeremy Goldberg.


George Schweitzer and Callie Schweitzer


George Schweitzer
President, marketing, CBS
Callie Schweitzer
Director, digital innovation, Time magazine
Callie: “Growing up, my dad always told me, ‘If you learn to write well, it will help you achieve anything you want in life.’”
George: “Callie is creative, clever, curious, cheerful, caring, collegial, competitive, confident and committed.”

Photographed in New York by Christopher Gabello.


Mel Karmazin and Craig Karmazin


Mel Karmazin
Former CEO, CBS and Sirius XM
Craig Karmazin
CEO, Good Karma Broadcasting
Mel worked his way up from selling ads in CBS’ radio division to running the whole store, then Sirius XM. Says Craig: “I admire my father’s pride in creating value for his co-workers and investors. He cares about the difference that he’s able to add to their lives.”

Photographed in New York by Nigel Parry.


Jackie Leo and Alex Leo

Jackie Leo
Editor in chief, Fiscal Times
Alex Leo
Head of product, IBT Media and Newsweek
Alex: “It never occurred to me growing up that women weren’t considered equal to men or could be paid less or thought of differently."
Jackie: “We laugh, cry, debate and love one another truly.”

Photographed in New York by Christopher Gabello.

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