Fallon’s Tan Joins Ground Zero

After a 10-month vacancy in its creative department, Ground Zero has hired Fallon’s Arty Tan as creative director.

Tan, 39, fills a new position at the Marina del Rey, Calif., shop, which has been without a top art director since creative partner and founder Kirk Souder exited at the end of last summer. Starting on July 1, Tan will split leadership of the shop’s creative accounts with partner Court Crandall, who becomes ecd.

“We wanted to make a big investment in the top management of the company and go after big clients,” said Crandall. “We needed to have someone who had worked on those pieces of business.”

Tan worked out of Fallon West Wing in Santa Monica, Calif., which essentially serves as a creative arm for the agency’s Minneapolis headquarters. The office is left with three creatives, and a replacement is ex pected for Tan, a Fallon representative said. Tan also put in a stint at Fallon, Minneapolis, from 1989 to 1993.

“[Tan] has a strong reel, he is a big thinker, and he’s someone who can command a presence in a meeting,” Crandall said. “He also wants to be more than an art director. He will make Ground Zero a better place.”

While Tan said it was a “tough decision” to quit Fallon, “Ground Zero represents a wonderful oppor tunity. They do great work, and they think a lot about a client’s business plan. It’s not just about doing a clever commercial, it’s not just about writing a memorable tagline. They want to … build a brand and protect the life of the brand.”

Tan’s final day at Fallon was last Friday. While there, he worked on the Nikon, Nordstrom, United Airlines and EDS accounts.