Fallon’s Own Fashionista

Headshot of Tim Nudd

He doesn’t want to compete with the catty Joan Rivers (or even Star Jones). Tom Julian, who’s entering his 10th year as fashion analyst for the Academy Awards’ official Web site, Oscar.com—and whose day job is as a trend analyst for Fallon—would rather be known as the operator of “the fairest and most accurate source” for Oscar fashion news. “It is not my job to point out who did not look good,” he says.

Diplomatic words from a man who began the Oscars gig in 1995 as part of a marketing initiative for Fallon client Lee jeans. Now, his commentary and knowledge have become an important part of the Academy’s public face, particularly as the importance of the red carpet as a selling point for designers has grown. “They’re trying to create a trend that they can live with for the next six to nine months,” he says. Yet Julian’s job, which involves checking, rechecking and accurately crediting every designer on the red carpet, is far from glamorous. Oscar Day begins at 2 p.m., when he’s assigned a small space on the carpet (for security purposes, he has to stay there through the day). “You have to make sure you have your mints and water. And have your backups in place,” he says. Nothing can be more disastrous than having a cell phone, computer or digital camera go down. The work continues until midnight as Julian and his Oscar.com staff make sure the site is the encyclopedic source for the fashion conscious.

Though he tries hard not to be too catty, Julian admits to being human. “You can definitely see that I get uninspired with the men’s section [of the Web site], because the copy is so flat,” he says.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.