Fallon Unveils New Work for United Airlines

CHICAGO United Airlines breaks the second spot in its animated campaign from Fallon today, continuing the “It’s time to fly” tagline.

The spot from the Minneapolis agency shows a woman coming up with an idea, illustrated by a lightbulb over her head. As she travels to various meetings to express the idea to others, they too get lightbulbs over their heads.

The spot uses United’s longtime theme, George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” as a soundtrack. Robert Redford provides a short voiceover at the end. Academy Award nominee Joanna Quinn animated the spot.

“We know that this new ad will resonate with frequent business travelers, who understand that face-to-face meetings are often the only way to really get things done,” said Martin White, senior vice president of marketing for the Elk Grove Village, Ill., company in a statement. “The goal of the television campaign is to illustrate our role in facilitating the success of our customers, and celebrate the ‘can do’ spirit we share with the frequent business travelers.”