Fallon Tries Product Focus for Subway

CHICAGO Fallon takes a product-oriented approach in its latest push for sandwich chain Subway, under its longtime tagline, “Eat fresh.”

The new campaign, breaking on Saturday features a split-screen with people talking about new Subway salads, while the dishes are prepared on the other. In one spot, a man talks about how some of the salads are Atkins friendly, which is good because he has no willpower. As proof, he says, “My kid wanted a goldfish,” as the second half of the screen reveals he bought a monkey. As the spot closes, the man says Subway is, “What I want to eat when I want to eat fresh.”

A second spot features basketball player Lisa Leslie, who starts using ingredients from the salad as magic words to help her make free throws.

The client spent $220 million on domestic ads last year, per TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.

The campaign follows the Minneapolis-based shop’s first work for the Milford, Conn., client, which was themed, “It’s OK, I had Subway.” That campaign suggested that eating at Subway could excuse otherwise questionable behavior, such as a man washing a car wearing a cheerleader’s outfit.

The new work does not feature pitchman Jared Fogle, who is expected to appear in a future health-oriented campaign, according to Chris Carroll, marketing director for Subway.