Fallon, Telecom Celebrate All-in-One Holiday

NEW YORK When Fallon created “Chrismahanu-
kwanzakah” for Virgin Mobile’s holiday campaign, it didn’t stop at TV spots, which broke last month and feature quirky characters singing carols. It also created cards for the holiday and will host a Chrismahanukwanzakah party here on Monday.

“It was a pretty direct link, when you think holiday, you think greeting cards, and since we created a holiday, why not create greeting cards,” said Wayne Best, associate creative director at the New York shop. “It was a pretty natural transition.”

Three greeting cards, with art by British illustrator Fiona Hewitt, show a reindeer with a menorah for antlers, an African angel holding a dreidel, and a Hindu Santa Claus. Interior copy offers holiday greetings, such as “The eve of Chrismahanukwanzakah, oh what a joyous night/Whether Christian, Jewish, Mormon or hermaphrodite.”

“It’s basically about mixing icons, different holidays and embracing a new holiday,” Best explained.

This week, Virgin Mobile, with U.S. headquarters in Warren, N.J., had roller skaters hand out the greeting cards and chocolate coins in New York.

The campaign was pure Virgin, Best said. “They tackle tricky issues with a sledgehammer,” he said.