The thin line between sponsors of sporting events and the events themselves is going to be squeezed even further this weekend. Fallon McElligott plans a mock protest on behalf of the balls during the network telecast of a pro volleyball tournament in Minneapolis.
The commercialized protest plays off two TV spots created by Minneapolis-based Fallon for Miller Lite, in which latter-day hippies lament the fate of volleyballs smashed until ruined and then callously discarded.
Because the Association of Volleyball Professionals tour is coming to Minneapolis, Fallon decided, in effect, to bring the commercials to life. This was helped by the fact that Miller Lite is a major sponsor of the tour. Fallon’s plan includes chanting and singing its “Save the balls” message during tournaments, and having a dozen people “forcing” their way onto the courts during Sunday’s televised matches.
The Fallon protesters will be fueled by free food and beer–Miller Lite, no doubt.
–Trevor Jensen