Fallon Readies Print for Holiday Inn

CHICAGO Holiday Inn on Monday will break a print campaign from Fallon that attempts to leverage the hotel chain’s iconographic sign and 50-year history to connect with consumers.

The $10 million effort from the Minneapolis shop will initially appear in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. Ads use landscape shots and cheeky headlines to draw an emotional connection with the Atlanta-based hotel chain.

One execution set against a Western setting-sun landscape features the headline, “Sparkling or still? Depends on how many people are in the pool.” Another shows mountains and at dawn with the headline, “About the towels, we forgive you.” Each of the ads features the company’s iconographic yellow and green sign with the line “Relax, it’s a Holiday Inn.”

Fallon’s previous work for Holiday Inn featured a slacker character named Mark, who lived at home with his parents. As he tried to coerce them into giving him certain benefits, his parents would respond with laughter and the phrase, “What do you think this is, a Holiday Inn?”

Television is not part of the new campaign, though it will likely be used next year, according to Holiday Inn executives.