Fallon Puts EDS Back on the Air

CHICAGO EDS will break a new advertising campaign tonight, marking the company’s first foray into television since the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Television spots from Fallon, Minneapolis, breaking during first-day coverage of the EDS Byron Nelson Golf Championship on USA, continue the theme of using simple metaphors to highlight how the client can help companies in various arenas, ranging from supplies management to billing and payment services.

One spot shows a small forklift having trouble reaching a spot on a high shelf. A larger forklift representing EDS lifts the small unit and its load to the shelf. Other spots show people celebrating after a train misses a stalled (and empty) car, only to see the vehicle get hit by a train traveling in the other direction, and a super car moving at high speeds having to slow down for bumps in the road. Instead of employing the “EDS solved” tagline, ads present the company’s logo and various practices.

The Plano, Texas, company will spend $10 million on the campaign, which includes a print component.

Fallon and EDS garnered attention with a cat-herding spot that aired during the 2000 Super Bowl. Other metaphors have included runners fleeing squirrels as if they were Pamplona bulls and workers building an airplane in mid-flight.