Fallon Pitches ‘Fortune’ To Younger, Wiser Readers

CHICAGO-Fortune magazine this week breaks a print campaign from new agency Fallon McElligott that positions the Time Warner business weekly as more flashy and contemporary than its competitors.
The campaign, with the tagline “Younger & wiser,” is aimed at media buyers and business opinion leaders, said John Needham, vice president of communications at the publication. Ads break Oct. 8 in newspapers including the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. They will appear in Oct. 13 issues of fellow Time Warner publications Time and People, followed a week later by a buy in trade publications.
Fallon in Minneapolis, which also handles Time magazine, added Fortune’s estimated $5 million account in June. Mullen in Wenham, Mass., previously handled the account but declined to participate in the review.
Fortune’s campaign looks to erase the perception that all business weeklies, including chief rival Forbes, are the same. The ads portray Fortune readers as dynamic people of influence who make a lot of money but don’t fit the stodgy CEO stereotype, Needham said.
“What we’re trying to do is bring alive the idea of the Fortune reader as a ‘driver’ who is making something happen in business,” Needham said.
The ads approach this goal in a direct way. One of three full-page executions compares a man being helped into a car by a chauffeur on the one hand with a lean go-getter on the other. The headline reads, “Our readers are driven. Not chauffeured.” Another ad directly confronts the competition. “Forbes and Fortune. We’re similar, but different,” reads the headline. Below is a photo of two Rolls-Royces, one with flames painted on the hood.