Fallon McElligott Looks Below the Line

MINNEAPOLIS – Fallon McElligott is considering adding several integrated marketing disciplines to its agency structure and although many Fallon observers said they didn’t think the creatively-focused shop would ever take such a step, they believe it’s necessary given today’s client needs.
Among the disciplines under consideration are public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion and retail advertising. The agency had said in February it would probably add a retail ad unit to handle the special needs of Northwest Airlines.
Agency spokesperson David Sigel denied that the agency is close to announcing a formal structure, but said that the agency is studying which disciplines fit best with the agency’s client needs and how the agency will structure additional divisions. Sigel said John Forney, Fallon group director, has been charged with determining which divisions make sense for Fallon and how they will work.
Although sources said last week that Fallon had started talking to possible candidates to head up divisions, Sigel said that is untrue. ‘There have probably been fact-finding conversations about what other people have done and how it’s worked,’ he said.
Burt Gardner, executive creative director, Bozell/Minneapolis, said he was not surprised Fallon was considering other divisions and said it was a smart move.
‘To think they wouldn’t do it would be to say that they think display advertising is a more noble type of advertising,’ Gardner said. ‘I think they have dabbled in other disciplines as their clients required it and now are making a more formal attempt to ad to what they can offer their clients.’
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