Fallon Goes Airborne for EDS

Fallon’s strategy of finding offbeat metaphors for client EDS continues in a TV spot that breaks this week.

The new effort, which debuts Monday, follows the theme set out by the agency’s well-received “Cat Herd-ers” spot that first aired during January’s Super Bowl telecast. In the followup, a team of earnest workers assembles an airplane in mid-flight.

“The idea is that these people represent EDS as a proactive, can-do team that you want on your side,” said agency president and executive creative director David Lubars.

The spot features testimonials from the workers about the dangers of building while flying (geese, ducks, owls) and of “building a dream,” and meanwhile shows passengers eating and sleeping as the wind whips around them.

On-screen text suggests that EDS can help businesses create a technological base, “even when you’re up and running.” The message is intended to build upon the idea laid out in the “Cat Herders” spot, Lubars said.

“‘Cat Herders’ was about bringing [all your technology] together,” Lubars said. “This is more about how you do that without disrupting your business.”

The spot continues the Plano, Texas, information services consulting company’s two-year-old tagline, “EDS solved.”

Like the “Cat Herders” spot, the new execution features dead-on comedic performances from a mix of actors and real mechanics, Lubars said.

The spot was shot shortly after the actor’s strike ended last month, Lubars said.

The new spot breaks during Monday Night Football and will air during Thanksgiving Day’s NFL games. “Airplane” will air through the remainder of the football season.

Fallon is now at work on a new spot to air on the Super Bowl. Lubars would not disclose the details of the spot, but said it would be “a grand, epic production” that fits in with the campaign’s idea.

Fallon’s “Cat Herders” spot was one of the more well-received commercials to air during the Super Bowl. The warm reception led to increased air play, and the spot was nominated for an Emmy and won a silver lion at Cannes.

EDS spent nearly $10 million airing that, its only spot, on television through July, according to Competitive Media Reporting.