Fallon Gives BMW Angels With Dirty Faces

NEW YORK Fallon uses computer-generated angels and a light-hearted approach to sell BMW’s 2004 X5 midsize SUV in a new television spot set to break next week.

The 30-second commercial from the Minneapolis agency, entitled “Guardian Angels,” highlights the vehicle’s xDrive drive-train technology, which enables all of the unit’s power to be routed to the rear wheels.

The commercial shows the car zooming along a mountain road when four angels descend, each taking a wheel to perform a specific duty. The team leader barks out commands via a headset to the other three, who respond, “Got It” and “I’m on it” as they navigate confidently through water, ice and a giant mud patch. The spot ends with the leader exclaiming that he loves his job while wiping mud away from his face.

A corresponding print campaign shows the angels at each wheel with the text, “It’s like having four little guardian angels incessantly watching over your traction.” Print will appear in magazines and newspapers in November.

Animator Peter de Seve, who was involved with Finding Nemo and Ice Age, created the characters.

Spending for the effort was not disclosed.