Fallon Debuts Second BMW Films Series

NEW YORK — John Woo’s “Hostage”, the first of three films that will appear on the BMW Web site over the next four weeks, breaks Thursday at bmwfilms.com. The campaign, from Fallon, Minneapolis is a follow up to last year’s highly-acclaimed internet film series, “The Hire.”

“Hostage”, which won the best action short film award Monday at the Los Angeles International Film Festival, tells the sordid tale of unrequited love at a fast food empire. Clive Owen returns in his role as the hired driver, who in this case is commissioned to deliver ransom money to a kidnapper (Maury Chaykin) who has taken hostage the CEO of Big Top burgers (Kathryn Morris).

The second film, “Ticker”, which premieres Nov. 7, features Don Cheadle as a man who must deliver a heart for a transplant in order to save the life of the peace-making leader of an unstable country. The script is based on a story by Joe Sweet, a former Fallon creative director who died this month after suffering from heart problems. The film also stars F. Murray Abraham, with cameos by Ray Liotta, Robert Patrick and Dennis Haysbert, and was directed by Joe Carnahan.

The third film, directed by Tony Scott, takes a much lighter tone, pitting the driver in a drag race against the devil, played by Gary Oldman. He’s hired to drive James Brown to the Las Vegas apartment of the prince of darkness in order to “renegotiate the contract” in which Brown had traded his soul for fame and fortune. They wager on a race “on the strip at dawn,” and the devil loses in a fiery crash. Back at his apartment, bandaged but belligerent, Satan is visited by his annoyed neighbor, Marilyn Mason. The rocker asks him to turn down his music so he can read, as he holds up a Holy Bible. But the devil refuses to talk to him, claiming “he spooks me out.” The film, called “Beat the Devil”, breaks Nov. 21.

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