Fallon to Bow New Tag for Title

Fallon shifts its focus from news makers to water-cooler talk in a new print effort for Time magazine that continues its red-frame motif but introduces a new tagline: “Join the conversation.”

Six print ads, the first of which breaks next week, again feature photos from the pages of Time. But now the images reflect what people are talking about in addition to current events. “It’s not just the news,” said Eileen Naughton, Time’s president. “It’s about the stuff of life.”

For example, one ad features a portrait of MTV darlings the Osbournes, with dad-rocker Ozzy’s face framed by the red box. Copy below the photo asks, “Have the networks finally bitten the head off of family values?”

Another ad shows a boy being screened by airport security and asks, “At what point do national security and common sense collide?”

A third ad, which depicts WorldCom executives being sworn in on Capitol Hill, wonders, “Should we be having second thoughts about the Fifth Amendment?”

“We want to have each ad be sort of a conversation starter,” said Kevin Roddy, ecd at the New York shop.

The campaign, which also will in clude weekly radio ads and outdoor versions of the print work, is backed by the equivalent of $10 million in media spending. (Some of the ads will appear in sister magazines, such as Sports Illustrated and Fortune.)

Previous work, which used images of cloned sheep and Bill Clinton, bore the tagline, “The world’s most interesting magazine.”

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