Fallon Animates NYSE in TV Spots

CHICAGO Publicis Groupe’s Fallon uses animation and eye-catching graphics to showcase the New York Stock Exchange and its listed companies in its first campaign for the client since the NYSE merged with Archipelago Group last year.

A TV spot breaking this week depicts the products and services of various companies listed on the NYSE, such as Pfizer, Burger King and Nokia. After an animated golfer hits a golf ball into a hole that becomes a Pfizer beaker, a voiceover begins: “There is a place where movers and shakers move and shake. Where new discoveries are made. And where opportunities have no boundaries. What are you in the market for?”

As the animation morphs into a conveyor belt carrying Burger King sandwiches, the narrator concludes with the tagline, “One market. Infinite possibilities.”

“It speaks to the notion that NYSE Group is a single solution for multiple trading strategies in the investor community,” said Michael Cohen, senior vice president of the NYSE Group. “The campaign allows us to both showcase the companies that choose to list on NYSE and those that choose to list on our new properties.”

Some of those new properties include options, ETF exchanges and the listing of smaller companies on the electronic exchange system that arrived in the Archipelago merger last year. The campaign is meant to lay the groundwork for the NYSE Group to talk about all of the other products and services, Cohen said.

“We’re going to tell a more diverse story,” Cohen said. “We’re going to stretch the listing story and then once we set that stage and we reaffirm our leadership position, we’re going to start to tell the new product stories.”

Print ads, scheduled to break next week, continue the look and feel of the television spot, using the blue hue and graphic drawings. One execution shows a line drawing of superstar investor Warren Buffet under the headline, “It takes three things to become the world’s best-known investor: vision, strategy and the companies listed on the NYSE.”

The campaign is the Minneapolis agency’s first since the NYSE took over former Fallon client ArcaEx, an electronic stock exchange, last year. Omnicom’s BBDO in New York was the NYSE’s previous agency.

Spending on the campaign was not disclosed. The New York Stock Exchange spent nearly $25 million on advertising last year, but only $3 million through the first six months of this year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Archipelago spending was minimal last year, according to Nielsen.