Fallon Adds Creative

Fallon McElligott has named art director Matt Vescovo as associate creative director, rounding out its top-level creative ranks.
Vescovo, 30, who began his career at BBDO and made a name for himself at Cliff Freeman and Partners, working on award-winning ads for Little Caesars pizza, becomes the third acd under executive creative director Jamie Barrett.
Barrett, who pursued Vescovo for about a year, said he was impressed by his work, such as the “Training Camp” spot for Little Caesars and “Don” for Hollywood Video, and his ability to “fit in seamlessly” with people. He cited the “strong, really great karma surrounding Matt.”
As a freelancer, Vescovo worked at Wieden & Kennedy (on ESPN), Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
(Discover) and Berlin, Cameron & Partners (Reebok). Before that, he spent four years at Cliff Freeman, where he worked on Staples, Coke and Sauza tequila. He left as a senior creative director and vice president.
At Fallon, Vescovo is working on Conseco financial services. But like fellow acd’s Neil Powell and Kevin Roddy, he shares duties on a cross-section of accounts.
Vescovo, who dabbled in painting during his freelance stint, said he missed the camaraderie of working at an agency. “I like to be with people,” Vescovo said. “That’s one of the things I enjoy.”
Vescovo joins the $250 million shop as it breaks its first work for FX Networks: three TV spots touting The X Show, a program that embraces the foibles of men. In each spot, a familiar scenario, such as a live news report or an ad for a local personal-injury lawyer, gets twisted when lead characters speak in streams of non sequiturs related to male desires.
In the lawyer spot, a thirtysomething man stares grimly into the camera and says, “Have you been cheese nachos? Well, then sex, draft beer, mile-high club, chicken wings.” The tagline: “We know what guys are really thinking.” The project is also the first work of Roddy, a fellow Cliff Freeman alumnus who arrived two months ago [Adweek, Aug. 23].