Fallon, 007 Reunite: Agency Will Create Ads Tying BMW 7 Series With Bond Film 'Tomorrow Never Dies'

By David Kiley

NEW YORK–BMW of North America is returning to Hollywood to rejoin with MGM’s James Bond franchise.

The automaker has committed some $30 million to marketing programs linked to Tomorrow Never Dies, a sequel to the 007 hit Goldeneye. BMW staged a promotional tie-in to that 1995 film.

The German car maker spent nearly $20 million on splashy co-promotions with Goldeneye as part of its launch of the Z3 roadster, 007’s car of choice in the film. The Z3 program proved to be a huge success for BMW and MGM, prompting Jaguar and British company Aston Martin–to bid for the new project. (BMW had replaced Aston Martin as James Bond’s car of choice in Goldeneye.) This time around, BMW will peg the effort to its more upscale 7 Series, spending about $23 million in North America, with the rest going to BMW’s international markets where the film is being distributed.

Tomorrow Never Dies is slated to open in December. BMW agency Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis, will produce advertising connecting the 7 Series with the film, although other promotional elements are still being worked out, explained Richard Brooks, BMW’s marketing and events communications manager.

‘It will be even splashier this time,’ said one source working on the project. ‘You have to keep raising the bar with these tie-ins or they become old news very quickly.’

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