Faith Hill Fragrance Smells Success Online

Faith Hill Parfums is sniffing out consumers with a series of Webisodes, online discussions and print advertising. The new Web series will feature the singer discussing questions, some submitted by viewers, on the theme of “The Beauty of Being a Woman.”

Fragrance company Coty Inc. and independent marketing agency Iris, will also promote the fragrance through online discussions and polls about womanhood, open to users registered on the fragrance’s promotional Web site. Registered users will access videos of Faith discussing the fragrance before the show begins.

This interactive strategy will allow consumers to feel a “deep connection to the brand, without even smelling it,” Ashleigh Young, member of the Iris board of directors, said in a statement. The target customers are 25- to 55-year-old women preparing for the holiday season.

Along with the Webisodes, the fragrance will be promoted through print ads, social networking sites, and online channels including Pandora, Sheknows, Yahoo, Google,, Sugar and YouTube. The campaign broke on September 23.

The series will be divided into two six-week “seasons”—the first beginning Oct. 1 and the second following in November. During the first season, Hill will discuss “The Beauty of Being a Woman,” and in the second, she will address six of the topics that were submitted by a consumer. Those who submit topics will be eligible for a sweepstakes that offers the chance to meet Hill in person.