Fairy Tales Can Come True in SuperPages Spots

NEW YORK Gary Coleman nabs the Oscar for Best Actor. A Yugo wins a car race. It all sounds implausible, but according to a humorous new campaign from Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, “It can happen with Verizon SuperPages.”

In its first national effort for SuperPages since landing the $30-40 million account last May, the New York shop demonstrates how people can achieve the seemingly impossible by using the directory.

In one of two 30-second TV spots breaking today, Coleman accepts his “award,” and then the execution retraces the steps the Different Strokes star took to earn it. He runs on the treadmill as the SuperPages category “Gymnasiums” appears onscreen; he practices his enunciation as “Dialect Coaches” is displayed; and he poses for a headshot after finding “Photographers.” Finally, in his award-winning role, Coleman induces tears by sniffing an onion as “Produce Suppliers” flashes onscreen.

Another commercial features a Yugo, the problem-plagued Yugoslavian vehicle, winning a major race. The spot recounts how the victory was achieved, showing the crew picking up the car at a junkyard as “Junk Dealers” appears onscreen, and the team testing its acceleration by remote control (“Propulsion Equipment & Supplies”). Finally, pit workers tie a cinder block to the driver’s shoe for speed (“Building Materials”).

At the end of the spots, the SuperPages book morphs into a laptop; the image highlights its availability online and offline, said Kirshenbaum co-ecd Rob Feakins. The new tagline: “It’s more than Yellow Pages, it’s the SuperPages.”

The spots emphasize the directory’s comprehensiveness, Feakins noted. While the chances of Coleman landing the Oscar are slim, “maybe this combination of categories could give him the opportunity,” he added.

The TV and radio campaign, which will run throughout the year, targets 18- to 60-year-olds, said Feakins. “This is taking it one level above [the previous work],” said Marilyn Burrows, executive director of marketing communications at the Dallas-based client. “We’re showcasing [SuperPages] as an enabler.”

Prior efforts by SuperPages’ former agency, Deutsch in New York, focused on how the directory can ease decision-making. One spot featured Lassie typing “Pet Adoptions” at SuperPages.com to find a new master.