Faceoff in Lottery movie ad

Ogilvy & Mather is taking its “Players have more fun” campaign for the Illinois Lottery to movie screens with a 70-second spot that is itself a guessing game.
The audience sees a man start on a blind date with a woman who has a “scratch here” circle over her face. He introduces her to friends, announces his engagement to the woman’s mother (who also has an obscured face), marries her and they have a similarly afflicted child. Not until a family photo session is the surprise uncovered–the wife and child each have the male actor’s face. In the kicker, the family dog also sports the man’s mug.
“It’s the ultimate tease,” says John Gass, partner and management supervisor at O&M, Chicago. “Our hope with this spot is that you’ll never see this coming.”
While not the best exposure for the anonymous actress and child, the spot was a chance for the male actor to show his skills playing different ages, genders and species.
“He’s actually using this to demonstrate his range,” Gass said.
–Jenn Goddu