As Facebook Stumbles, Tumblr Attempts to Capitalize

Microblogger pitches marketing longevity unrivalled in social media

With the promise of a more lasting engagement and a greater shelf-life for individual posts, the microblogging platform Tumblr is attempting to woo marketers who've grown concerned about Facebook's decline in organic reach.

As Tumblr branding head Lee Brown told Digiday, posts on the microblogging platform achieve a third of their outreach up to a month after the fact. This stands in sharp contrast to Facebook, where marketers may gauge a post’s effectiveness in under half an hour.

Tumblr is also touting its advantages over Twitter, especially when it comes to bonding television audiences. As Brown explained, his platform allows viewers to share fan art of TV characters, whereas tweets are merely good for knowing who else is watching a given program.

One industry that’s driving into the microblogging sphere is the automotive sector. Hyundai has been using Tumblr to rev up public recognition. With a series of hashtags tied to its World Cup sponsorship, the Korean car maker facilitated a stream through which consumers shared their passion for the games; sentiments which in turn became associated with the brand itself.