Extreme Satisfaction

89 Studios attacks pop rock–literally–in a new 30-second TV spot for its 3Xtreme sports video game.
The commercial (shown here) from Butler, Shine & Stern, Sausalito, Calif., depicts a fictitious musical act called Heaven Scent–
a spoof of teen acts like the Backstreet Boys that young girls love and everyone else loves to hate.
At the beginning of the ad, the five angel-faced guys with moussed hair and cream-colored suits are sweetly harmonizing in a make-believe rock video set in a graffiti-marred inner city area.
Suddenly they’re attacked by a band of young hooligans on in-line skates, BMX bikes and skateboards. One bike flies through the air, its wheel smashing into the head of one of the singers. The rest of the group fruitlessly attempts to flee. The thugs on wheels crush them one by one, leaving them battered, broken and, worst of all, disheveled.
Scenes from the action-packed video game itself are shown at the end, along with the 989 Studios logo.
–Jane Irene Kelly