Express Oil Change Slows Down

“Turn to us” is the slogan of Luckie & Co.’s first campaign for Express Oil Change.

The Birmingham, Ala., shop will roll out four brand-building television spots for the crosstown client next month.

“Much of their advertising came in the form of TV testimonials done in-house,” said Luckie executive creative director Martin Buchanan. “We convinced them to take a full-branded strategic approach.”

The TV work literally targets drivers at a “decision point,” a strategy made clear by a blinking turn signal at the top of each spot.

Research, Buchanan said, indicated that consumers were suspicious of “10-minute oil-change offers.” Copywriter Laura Black and art director Patrick Miller crafted ads that reinforce the longevity and reliability of Express employees.

“We set out to illustrate that Ex-press does a million oil changes a year,” said Buchanan. “One spot shows a guy reading a newspaper with his arms in the air. We fade to an oil-change bay and there’s the same guy in the same position.”

Express, which operates more than 130 locations in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Florida, is expected to spend $1 million on advertising this year.