explosive advertising

It’s been said that a sure way to get attention is to blow something (or someone) up. It’s an idea that’s not lost on the Utah Labor Commission.

A new TV spot from Salt Lake City’s FJCandN under scores the dangers that await workers who ignore warning signs. The goal of the ad, said Peter Carr, the agency’s account coor dinator, is to “destroy the myth of invincibility [with young men] and lower work place acci dents in Utah.”

The ad is targeted at men 19-29—a group, the commission says, that’s responsible for an alarming 68 percent of workplace accidents.

The ad, the fifth in the client’s “Take safety seriously” effort, starts out like an anti-smoking spot, but offers an explosive plot twist. A worker in an industrial plant ignores a sign and casually lights a cigarette in a chemical-filled room. The results call to mind Wile E. Coyote riding an ACME rocket in a mining shaft. Kaboom!

Despite the modest budget of under $100,000, FJCandN actually went to the trouble of blowing up a set to get its point across.

The ad burst on the scene in January, including a local appear ance during the Super Bowl. It will continue to air in Utah through May.