Executive Privilege

The White House: a home not just for President Bush and his family but, as Shoptalk likes to think of it, the Nation’s Home. A fine place to sign a few bills into legislation and chat with world leaders. Also a great place for golf, as Bob Kuperman, president of DDB New York, found out earlier this month.

No, Kupe has not been named Secretary of State or even chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. But the longtime Friend of George is part of a golfing group that includes the president and notables such as talk-show host Maury Povich and television producer James Burrows.

Though Bush didn’t participate in the White House golf outing—”He was kind of busy,” Kupe notes—the commander-in-chief sports a respectable 15 handicap and doesn’t take a lot of mulligans, reports Kupe. “When you’re president, you don’t really have a chance to relax with friends all that much,” he tells us, adding that this was his second White House visit this year. “That he could get together with 11 of his friends seemed to be as fun for him as it was for us.”

Have Kupe’s visits triggered any political aspirations in the veteran adman? “No, I won’t be seeking political office,” he says. “For one thing, diplomacy isn’t my strong point.”