With Exclusive Nutella Partnership, Tim Hortons Looks to Boost Its Profile in the U.S.

Hazelnut spread is now featured in 3 new products

If the one thing missing from your morning routine has been Nutella-infused pastries—and you happen to live in the Tim Hortons footprint—then you're in luck.

The Canada-based doughnut chain announced this week it has formed an exclusive partnership with the popular hazelnut spread, which will be featured in various new pastries and as a bagel topping in the quick service restaurant's Canadian and U.S. locations. (Some Canadians might have already seen such options in recent weeks, but they're just now debuting in U.S. stores.)

"I am so excited about our Nutella partnership because it is a signal to our guests that we're a different sort of QSR," said Kate Jung, senior director of marketing for Tim Hortons U.S.

She said that, given Americans' association of Nutella with high-end bakeries and cafes, its addition to Tim Hortons could help boost the chain's profile.

The list of new sweets includes a chocolate hazelnut doughnut and pastry pockets, both filled with Nutella. For the bagel lovers who'd prefer hazelnut spread over the usual cream cheese smear, well, Tim Hortons has you covered.


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"We've been very interested in working with Nutella," explained Jung. "We had a big convention, as we do regularly for innovation, and we invited [Nutella parent company] Ferrero. They came with these new products and we loved it, so we quickly negotiated for it to be part of our summer programming."

Tim Hortons has an exclusive partnership with the brand until July, according to Jung. While Nutella may work with other brands after July, it is likely that the Nutella-infused pastries will remain on Tim Horton's menu. "As long as customers are interested in the new products they'll stay on the menu," Jung said. 

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