Ex-Deutsch Exec Writes Book

NEW YORK David Rosen, a former gcd at Deutsch here, is preparing for his first book, I Just Want My Pants Back, to be published by Doubleday Broadway next month. That means interviews, a book tour and working on his promotional site, ijustwantmypantsback.com.

The site even has a trailer for the book, with images of Manhattan and Rosen’s friends that were shot by Rosen on his digital camera and edited by another friend of his. Rosen provides narration that includes the opening paragraph followed by random selections from the book.

While he left Deutsch last June, where he worked on accounts such as Snapple and Ikea, after seven years, “I still consider myself a member of the advertising community. I’m freelancing,” he said.

In addition to promoting his book and freelancing, he is working on two shows for MTV scheduled to air later this year. Earlier this year, he worked on Celebhead for VH1, a show that purports to depict life from a celebrity’s point of view, that is now on hiatus.

“The book is about a young man in New York City and his friends. All of his friends begin to start their lives and he holds onto the whole New York City is open until 4 a.m. thing. And he starts to realize that his life can’t continue this way,” said Rosen. “The story follows him on this path and along the way he loses a pair of pants. As he tries to find them he learns a few things.”

The book does include some of Rosen’s experiences from working in the ad world. “The one thing from advertising that I learned is, I made [the protagonist’s] bullshit job a receptionist at a casting firm,” he said. “Any creative will have had awkward moments with casting.”

To that end, the book includes a scene patterned after a real-life experience when Rosen was working on a Snapple shoot that involved little people dressed as fruit. “We were looking for good actors and they had to be a specific size,” he said. “It was awkward having people stretch out their arms to see if they were the right size.”

Rosen wrote the book in the evenings after coming home from his day job as a copywriter. “I think I needed the structure of being in adverting—going to work all day and then turning it off and writing the book,” he said. “You learn a lot about how to tell a very short story working in advertising.”

Given where he used to work and that he’s trying to get the word out about his book, will Rosen be going on the Donny Deutsch cable TV show, The Big Idea?

“I haven’t approached Donny about doing the show, but I probably should,” he said.