Evinrude “Talk”

Women will think this spot puts the “rude” in “Evinrude.” (They can complain to Cramer-Krasselt of Milwaukee.) Men will get a kick out of its depiction of a chatterbox wife and her nearly silent husband, out for a day of fishing on their Evinrude-powered boat. The text, spoken and (for good measure) displayed onscreen, sums things up: “A woman will say 21 million words before an Evinrude E-Tec needs maintenance. A man will say 7 million.” It’s a memorable way of setting up the point (delivered by a closing voiceover) that this Evinrude outboard is the only one that can go “three years without dealer-scheduled maintenance.” That’s otherwise in the category of important but unsexy product points, so Evinrude and its agency are smart to find a way of enlivening it. Female anglers who are fishing for compliments will have to look elsewhere, but even they will acknowledge there’s something (but not too much!) to be said for an engine that needs so little maintenance. The spot also cuts through the boat-engine clutter by showing us a boat that’s stationary, rather than one plowing through a lake. Some suspicious-minded viewers might wonder if the engine is noisy. But those in the target audience will appreciate that the spot is focusing on what they do (i.e., finding a good spot and then fishing it) rather than on what the engine does.
–Mark Dolliver